Thoughts from KMC

If you thrive on solving complex problems and enjoy raising the bar in project delivery, KMC is the employer for you

Elvis Mulinzi Thelemuka

January 2018


Have you ever felt bored in your current job? Like you are repeating the same process over and over again? Or, have you ever felt like you are no longer growing as a person? Like you need change or need to reinvent yourself?

Well, KMC is the exact change you need because:

  • KMC will never let you get bored as we always have new and exciting projects to work on,
  • You will always be challenged and be pushed to reach your full potential,
  • KMC will help you discover and enjoy the IT-world in a way you would have never imagined.

If you thrive on solving complex problems and enjoy raising the bar in project delivery then KMC should be your employer of choice. No task ever feels like another “same-old, same-old” completed task.

At KMC your perspective on the work environment changes to create a better you. Why? Because KMC delivers and is nothing like any other company. We get the work, we do the work, and we deliver the work. This builds and develops in you a finisher-mentality that will help you grow in your career.

KMC works on high-level projects that provide its employees with the opportunity to learn and work with the best in the industry. You will be exposed to the latest technology available and work alongside the heroes of the South African IT industry. We make complex projects look simple. The KMC team is filled with all kinds of flavour. We are a team of professionals, and we can help you achieve your goals and ultimately take you where you want to be. We believe in pairing and teamwork, so no more being stuck on a problem for hours without a solution (simply check out this webpage to see our delivery-mindset in action for yourself: At KMC you will never be alone - you will get all the help and assistance you need.

KMC empowers you with the tools that you need to make a difference We develop people who can:

  • do and deliver the work,
  • make something out of nothing,
  • are able to answer and provide a world-class solution to any type of problem.

At KMC you are not just an asset or an employee, you are a brother or a sister. KMC is always glad and honoured to have you as a new member of their family and to help you achieve your goals.

Elvis Mulinzi Thelemuka