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Gear up, it's time for change

Deon Thomas

01 Oct 2016

Gear up, it's time for change

I’m very excited to share our latest news with you. The software development industry has put a new demand on quality, transparency and cost. It’s become a fierce arena in competing for market share, or just competitiveness.

We have reshaped our offering slightly and realised that there is a fundamental problem in the current market space when it comes to delivering Agile software projects.

KMC with its unique Innovation Delivery Model, is gearing up this year to bring you to the forefront of success.

We believe that agile businesses have to tackle complex problems with simple approaches that will give you real business value. No more confusing technical jargon, no more complicated excuses on why your projects failed.

Delivery can be simplified by following three easy steps:

  • Be transparent, forget the silos.
  • Build autonomous teams
  • Focus on quality

Sounds easy! but for larger organisation this is a real challenge. Larger organisations have ambitious missions, they require new ways to solve complex problems, which only come at scale. The traditional approach to solving such complex problems requires disruptive thinking, someone to move them from laggers to innovators. We have used and found the Agile methodology to be excellent at delivering large projects. The adoption rate of Agile has been incredible, but why do so many Agile projects still fail?

The management thinking is to start an agile project, thinking it is only for the IT department. So IT managers are tasked with delivering the projects, bring the business value, increase the market share, forgetting that the Agile methodology is broad, and tackling such a task requires both management and engineering practices.

Often organisations only implement the management practices, forgetting that the engineering practices are the accelerator on the pedal.

This is not commonly understood amongst senior executives, and makes the task of the IT manager more difficult, ultimately setting them up for failure.

That is why this year we are releasing a brand new category of training, specifically aimed at addressing our concerns and experience around how to run successful projects using the Agile methodology.

The Successful Agile Adoption Pack (SAAP), starts at the fundamentals of agile all the way to more advanced concept such as estimation and costing of projects. The SAAP also includes training on engineering practices such as:

  • Unit Testing
  • Refactoring
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Pair Programming
  • The DevOps culture

The goal is to introduce a mindset to shift gears. Focused on not just the technical mind, but executive decision makers as well. We think it is an absolute “must have” to realistically transform your business into a real value engine. If you are interested in finding out more information regarding the SAAP offering, please send an email to

Deon Thomas